Executive Director Search

For questions or to apply, emailĀ edsearch@onevoicechorus.com

About One Voice Chorus

Our Mission

One Voice is the LGBTQIA+ and allies chorus of Charlotte. Through artistic excellence, One Voice Chorus works to increase understanding and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people. Our achievement in choral music enables us to reach diverse groups to overcome mis-perceptions, and to grow personally, both as performers and as leaders in our community.

Our Vision

Guiding the Chorus is a vision that inspires us to excellence and leadership. We are a vibrant organization which consistently:

  • Displays musical excellence and is recognized for musical achievement
  • Grows consistently in audience and membership and creates an environment in which each person is valued as an integral part of the Chorus
  • Demonstrates leadership within the LGBTQIA+ community and acts as a standard-bearer for our community to the community-at-large
  • Demonstrates the highest standards of financial stewardship and achieves the financial prosperity needed to expand our reach and enhance the quality of our performances

Executive Director Job Description

This will be the inaugural Executive Director for One Voice Chorus. The Executive Director reports to the board of directors and is responsible for the overall direction and management of all aspects of the administration of the chorus. The Executive Director works in partnership and collaboration with the Artistic Director.

Over the past year, we have been working to make our chorus more accurately reflective of the community of which we are a part. The ideal candidate will be fully aligned with our mission and vision, anti-racist, and committed to pushing us further toward creating a space of belonging for all members of our community.

Purpose and Objective

Develop, implement, and monitor strategies that achieve the organizational goals, objectives, and long-range plans.


  • 5+ years of experience with nonprofit management

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Development and Fundraising

Develop, coordinate, and execute a comprehensive strategy of financial development and support:

  • Plan and oversee the individual donor campaign
  • Develop the strategy for cultivating, securing, and sustaining corporate sponsorships
  • Secure concert/program sponsorships for upcoming season
  • Prepare foundation and government grant requests and reports
  • Develop materials to support development efforts
  • Establish and support committees and task forces to implement fundraising projects
  • Identify and pursue new sources of contributed incomeā€”individuals, corporations, foundations/grants


Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to market the chorus, its affiliated groups, and their programs throughout their market area:

  • Oversee sales of tickets and subscriptions with the goal of increasing the subscription base
  • Oversee development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan, including press releases, advertising, calendar listings, brochures/postcards, public service announcements, and radio advertising
  • Implement and monitor progress of each concertā€™s marketing plan
  • Use education outreach programs to increase awareness of the chorus by corporations, grant sources, and the general public

Community Relations

  • Develop an ongoing relationship with arts peers in the community
  • Represent the chorus at community functions
  • Act as spokesperson for the chorus to the media, government agencies, corporate community, foundations, funders, and the school community
  • Build and strengthen relationships with new and existing community partners, to expand our community service impact

Financial Management

Prepare budgets and manage financial operations in accordance with approved budget and governmental regulations:

  • Work closely with the treasurer on budget preparation and approval, monthly projections, and anticipation of potential problems
  • Determine, with Artistic Director and Production Manager/Committee, upcoming season and administrative costs
  • Prepare annual budget and variance analysis for presentation to board
  • Monitor expenses to budget line items; coordinate proper expense allocations with bookkeeper
  • Comply with all local, state, and federal tax regulations and prepare and file reports as needed


Oversee short- and long-range planning; engage board and staff in periodic planning sessions:

  • In conjunction with the Artistic Director and executive committee, prepare the strategic plans and strategies for implementation
  • With the board, evaluate progress toward goals on a regular basis

Board of Directors

Work with the board of directors and its officers to help them fulfill their functions:

  • Attend all meetings of the executive committee and full board
  • Assist the president in developing and processing of agendas for the executive committee and board meetings
  • Prepare written reports for presentation to the executive committee and board
  • Assist in identifying and attracting potential new board members
  • Offer prompt and thoughtful responses to requests for information

Staffing and Administration

Hire, train, and supervise support staff as needed/approved to achieve the organizationā€™s goals and objectives:

  • Attend and oversee logistical aspects of all weekly rehearsals, intermittent special rehearsals, events, and performances
  • Create and maintain job descriptions for all approved positions
  • Hire staff to fill position openings
  • Monitor performance against objectives, taking corrective action as needed
  • Create all human resources policies, practices, and procedures and ensure that they comply with state and federal employment laws and regulations
  • Create/refine an administrative and committee structure, as well as decision making mechanisms that promote a productive working atmosphere and effective staff, volunteer, and committee relations
  • Implement and use a CRM system (such as Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack which we currently have) that will allow for a more holistic picture of our constituents and better donor, volunteer, audience, and singer cultivation.

Skills & Experience


  • Prior experience working for a nonprofit.
  • Familiarity with laws and regulations governing nonprofit organizations, particularly in North Carolina.
  • Basic understanding of budgeting and finances.
  • Experience in community outreach and development.
  • Strong soft skills: ability to communicate clearly and effectively, able to handle conflict resolution calmly and appropriately, etc.
  • Flexible schedule to attend performances and meetings, as well as to attend fundraisers, donor events, and other events hosted by our communities of interest in order to create outreach and partnership opportunities.
  • Prior experience and success with fundraising and maintaining donor relationships.
  • Knowledge of G-Suite or similar software.

Additional Experience

  • Experience with using SalesForce software.
  • Experience in writing grants for a nonprofit.
  • Experience working in our communities or existing relationships with our communities.

Salary Range: $30,000-$36,000 Depending on experience
Part-time position