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Returning home from One Voice Chorus of Charlotte's Hollywood Squares: Happily Ever After concert. … WONDERFUL time. I laughed, I cried, I was sexually confused – I had a blast. I've come a long way from how ignorant I used to be concerning the lives of people different than me. … so I appreciate nights like tonight for adding some clarity.

Adam McCraw Adam McCraw

The story of the creation of the song, and the story within the song, hit me right in the gut and reduced me to tears. It was so beautiful, and so heart-wrenching for me on so many levels. Thank you, Glenda and Gerald, for yet another moment that demonstrates the power of music, and the power of love.

Jeffrey Allen Mead Jeffrey Allen Mead

I am humbled to even be associated with this group. What a touching story and performance. Gerald Gurss, you are truly changing the world with your amazing gift of talent with music. Caroline Cave, I have NO idea how you memorize SO many damn solos! Everyone else, it was fantastic. I'm sitting over here crying when I'm supposed to be doing homework. When I'm struggling to stay awake in class tomorrow it will be because of a good reason. I'm so glad I got to see that SHOWSTOPPER! Love you all!

Nadia Salem Nadia Salem

Brilliant song-writing Gerald Gurss, and a wonderful performance by the entire group! We could see how much that song meant to all of you and the audience was captivated! Congrats to you all!

Jerry Gardner-LaMonica Jerry Gardner-LaMonica

Congrats to all. Your performance at the final concert was a real highlight. Beautifully written and sung.

Joel Baker Joel Baker

They are the best. Congratulations Gerald and all.

Nancy J. Nance Nancy J. Nance

Your performance was absolutely awesome. And congratulations for being honored at the closing concert!

Art Chandler Art Chandler

Being chosen as a Showstopper Chorus, and with that piece [Glenda & Lauree] in particular, was completely deserved! When they mentioned three choruses were selected, I immediately thought, "Better be OVC up there!" So proud of you all!

Julie Nicolay Julie Nicolay

Your performances were a highlight of my week. While it is true, I can see you all at home in Charlotte, it is even more special when I get to see the reaction of our global LGBT family when they see how amazing you are! Kudos to every one of you in One Voice and Sotto Voce!

Brian Kilpatrick Brian Kilpatrick

Geri, your piece at closing moved me to tears. Loved it. Congrats!

Powell Minnis Powell Minnis

Awesome job. Looking forward to seeing you at Pride. Hope someday KGMC can collaborate

Doug Poff Doug Poff

You guys and gals were amazing! I hope that some day we can share the stage together!

Lester Bailey Lester Bailey

My appreciation is beyond words to express in hearing the beautiful voices of the OVC put music to my story. Still I will offer heartfelt thanks to Gerald for his beautiful composition and to the OVC for your extraordinarily beautiful performance! My love to and for all of you!

Glenda R. Elliott Glenda R. Elliott

GALA Festival 2016 has been a career highlight for sure! One Voice Chorus of Charlotte, thank you for singing with precision and heart. One Voice was honored to be selected as a "showstopper" of the festival. I'm beyond humbled. Glenda R Elliott: Certain kinds of love never die! Thank you for your beautiful story!

Gerald Gurss Gerald Gurss - Artistic Director, One Voice Chorus

Great original composition. Thank you! I wish Glenda had been able to say a word.

Rick Small Rick Small

I've loved this chorus since their GALA set 4 years ago (one word: Santorum). The whole program was amazing, and this year's set raised the bar even further. They are one of my absolute favorite GALA choruses.

Steve Westcott Steve Westcott

Just wanted to shout out to the chorus who performed the "Glenda" piece at the closing concert. … You were amazing! Thank you so much for telling Glenda and Lauree's story with such care and love.

Laura Stratton Laura Stratton

Just beautiful.

Dan England Dan England

One Voice of Charlotte, the 3rd GALA showstopper, Gerald Gurss conductor and composer. Sublime beauty, folks.

Todd Gregory-Gibbs Todd Gregory-Gibbs

Dammit, Gerald Gurss! Way to close out this Festival on an emotional high note! Lots of tears out here. Thanks for creating such beauty.

Jim Johnson Jim Johnson

… I heard the story Glenda and Lauree, first shared with the world on NPR's StoryCorp, set to music by One Voice Chorus of Charlotte, in a song that wrenched tears from the eyes of all assembled, and we watched Glenda Elliot stand before us as proof of the power of our undying love. …

David Milley David Milley

Charlotte, NC… you have something to be incredibly proud of. One Voice Charlotte brought this masterpiece [Glenda & Lauree] to Denver, Colorado at Gala 2016 and left the theatre literally speechless. Not only that, they were chosen as one of three showstoppers and performed a second time at the closing concert leaving a second, and much larger audience, equally stunned and amazed. I cannot begin to tell you how moved I was by their performances. Please, if you get a chance to see them live … treat yourself. Look for me if you do… I'm driving from Richmond, VA to see them!

Robert Key Robert Key

OMG!!!! I have never been more proud of my chorus family. You guys ROCKED!

Kim Martin Kim Martin

Bravo to Gerald Gurss and One Voice Chorus Charlotte for bringing this story [Glenda & Lauree] so beautifully to life!

Glenn DeSandre Glenn DeSandre

Four years ago I met and sang with these awesome peeps from One Voice Charlotte in Denver at GALA 2012, and last week we gathered again in Denver. They sang stunningly, and I was overjoyed to reconnect with them, hear their incredible performances, and share the love and joy that is GALA Festival again!

Julie Nicolay Julie Nicolay

One Voice Chrous of Charlotte's Salute to Bottoms set to "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast" – one of if not the best spot-on performances during the festival!

Alex Braun Alex Braun

Just heard One Voice Chrous of Charlotte here at GALA. Probably the most gorgeous sound that I have heard at this Festival. Magnificent work, Gerald Gurss!!

Aaron Howe Aaron Howe

"Light of a Clear Blue Morning" was, hands down, my favorite memory from GALA 2012. I am still in awe of this group and their talent. They were even more featured this year at GALA 2016. One Voice Charlotte and their director Gerald Gurss are making quite a name for themselves!

Robb Neale Robb Neale

For me, this [Glenda & Lauree] was the most heart wrenchingly beautiful performance of GALA.

Glenn DeSandre Glenn DeSandre

One Voice from Charlotte, NC. … it [Glenda & Lauree] was amazing. I had opportunity to hear it performed twice. Still blown away.

Richard Corbett Richard Corbett

Biggest "ugly cry" yet!!

Eric Peterson Eric Peterson

That [Glenda & Lauree] hit me especially hard. My husband passed away from cancer 10 years ago. I only came back to music since. This piece has helped me in my healing.

Ricardo Kori Perez Ricardo Kori Perez

You wrote one of the most moving musical experiences I've ever had in all my years.

Julie Nicolay Julie Nicolay

Your chorus should be on everyone's "must see" list.

Eric Aufdengarten Eric Aufdengarten

So glad that I caught this set. This has been the best mixed chorus I have heard in Denver, and was moved to tears by your beautiful original composition on Glenda's story. I have already bought your holiday CD and will be watching for a CD with this piece on it! Bravo on a fabulous performance!

Brian W. Tombow Brian W. Tombow

I first fell in love with this chorus four years ago, and I fell in love all over again today. Words can't express how deeply I was moved. Flawless sound, great programming… this is my favorite GALA chorus, hands down.

Rob DuBois Rob DuBois

Few words can describe a GALA Festival. Last night's closing ceremonies were filled with truly memorable moments: LGBT singers from China, Cuba, and the EU singing as one, Gerald Gurss' original composition about love and lost time, and most amazing, 6500 people proudly raising their voices and arms in song.

Jonathan Palant Jonathan Palant

An amazing piece [Glenda & Lauree] that I was able to hear twice at GALA. If you can hear this, do it! Thanks, Gerald, for sharing her story and your own gifts as composer and conductor for this work. Still talking about it… Big hugs!

Mario Champagne Mario Champagne

This was one of my favorite sets at Festival and my single favorite song/performance. The soloist is so good and Gerald's composition is just lovely. I was thrilled to get to hear it again at the closing concert.

Brandon Shelton Brandon Shelton

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